Our Roles

We provide a variety of roles and career opportunities at Wavin. Whether your expertise lies in customer service, sales & marketing or warehousing & distribution, we may have a role for you.


This area of the business is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

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Present at all our UK and Ireland sites, Operations is made up of our Production & Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution and Engineering departments.

  • Production & Manufacturing create the innovative stock we sell on to our customers
  • Warehouse & Distribution ensure the products we make are delivered to our customers on time and in full
  • Our Engineers make sure that all plant and equipment is maintained in full working order so that customer orders can be met

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This business area generates the sales and revenue for the Company by marketing and selling the products our colleagues in Operations make and distribute.

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Based at our Doncaster and Chippenham sites, this area of the business is made up of the following departments: Branch Development, Business Development, Category Management, Client Services, Commercial Services, Customer Operations, Key Account Management, Marketing and Merchant Sales.

  • Branch Development optimises sales through stock profiling, positioning and presentation in merchant outlets and supports Area Sales Manager teams to improve customer contact effectiveness
  • Business Development is all about achieving profitable sales growth by focusing on a solution and a value added based approach
  • Category Management is responsible for grouping the products we make together and then marketing them according to their business category
  • Client Services produce customer facing service level reports to drive the business forward
  • Commercial Services allows the business to trade with its business partners through the active management of its commercial agreements
  • Customer Operations process customer orders and effectively resolve customer issues and queries
  • Key Account Management ensures that customers are guaranteed and receive a first class service
  • Marketing highlights the business use of our products and connects them with the needs of our customers
  • Merchant Sales is responsible for supporting merchants who distribute our products to ensure that we maximise our sales in their outlets

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Central Functions

This area of the business refers to the professional functions on which our Operations and Commercial people rely for specialist knowledge, expertise and analysis to drive the business forward.

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Central Functions

Based predominantly at our Doncaster and Chippenham sites, Central Functions is made up of our Finance, HR, IT, Planning & Procurement and Purchasing departments.

  • Finance ensures that all business areas operate within their budget parameters to ensure the business remains viable
  • The Human Resources team works closely with line managers to ensure their teams are productive and supported at all times
  • IT ensures that all hardware, software and other related IT equipment is in good working order to enable employees to undertake their roles effectively
  • Planning & Procurement organise the materials and machine schedules the business need to buy and run in order to meet customer requirements
  • Purchasing are responsible for buying all business related equipment and material at the most competitive price to the business

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